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500 – ATI Tactical · 6-Shot · 12 Gauge · Adjustable stock (3.87″ LOP range) · Standard pump-action features include dual extractors, steel-to-steel lockup,twin

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The Mossberg 500 Tactical: A Versatile Shotgun for Every Occasion

500 – ATI Tactical · 6-Shot · 12 Gauge · Adjustable stock (3.87″ LOP range) · Standard pump-action features include dual extractors, steel-to-steel lockup,twin  When it comes to home defense, hunting, or just hitting the range for some target practice, few firearms can match the versatility and reliability of the Mossberg 500 Tactical. This shotgun is not just a tool; it’s a guardian, a companion, and for many, the first line of defense against threats. Let’s dive into what makes the Mossberg 500 Tactical a must-have in the arsenal of gun enthusiasts and the general public alike.

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  • FAMILY:500 Series
  • MODEL:500 Scorpion
  • TYPE:Shotgun
  • ACTION:Pump Action
  • FINISH:Blue w/ FDE Furniture
  • STOCK/FRAME:Collapsible / Folding Stock
  • STOCK/GRIPS:ATI Grip/TacLite Adj Stk (FDE)
  • CALIBER/GAUGE:12 Gauge
  • BARREL:18.5″
  • CHAMBER:3″
  • CHOKE TUBES:Cylinder Bore


  • ADDL INFO:Halo Heatshield w/Front Sight
  • ADDL INFO:Side Sling Mt/Halo Side Saddle
  • ADDL INFO:Picatinny Top Rail

Introduction to Mossberg 500 Tactical

The Mossberg 500 Tactical is not just any shotgun; it’s a symbol of American resilience and innovation. With its robust design, ease of use, and unmatched flexibility, it stands as a testament to quality and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to the world of firearms, the Mossberg 500 Tactical offers something for everyone.

The History Behind the Mossberg 500 Series

Since its inception in the 1960s, the Mossberg 500 series has undergone various iterations, each improving on the last. The 500 Tactical variant, with its enhanced features tailored for tactical use, epitomizes the evolution of this iconic shotgun.

Key Features of the Mossberg 500 Tactical

What sets the Mossberg 500 Tactical apart? Its pump-action reliability, customizable options, and the ability to handle a wide range of ammunition types make it a versatile choice for any situation.

Customization and Accessories

One of the Mossberg 500 Tactical’s greatest strengths is its adaptability. From stocks and sights to barrels and grips, the possibilities for customization are nearly endless, allowing owners to tailor their shotgun to their specific needs and preferences.

The Mossberg 500 Tactical in Action

Whether it’s for home defense, law enforcement, or recreational shooting, the Mossberg 500 Tactical performs. Its ease of use and reliability in high-pressure situations have made it a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Keeping your Mossberg 500 Tactical in top condition is crucial for ensuring its longevity and reliability. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and occasional check-ups can go a long way in maintaining its performance.

Legal Considerations and Safety

Understanding the legal landscape and practicing safe handling are paramount for any firearm owner. The Mossberg 500 Tactical is no exception, and responsible ownership is key to enjoying the benefits of this remarkable shotgun.

Comparing the Mossberg 500 Tactical to Its Competitors

When stacked against other shotguns in its class, how does the Mossberg 500 Tactical fare? We’ll explore its features compared to those of its closest competitors, highlighting what makes it stand out.

Why Choose the Mossberg 500 Tactical?

Choosing the Mossberg 500 Tactical means investing in reliability, versatility, and a piece of American history. Its track record speaks for itself, making it a top choice for a wide range of users.

User Testimonials and Reviews

Hearing from those who have put the Mossberg 500 Tactical to the test in real-world situations provides valuable insights into its performance and reliability.

Purchasing Advice

Looking to add a Mossberg 500 Tactical to your collection? We’ll cover what to look for, where to buy, and how to ensure you’re getting a genuine product.


The Mossberg 500 Tactical is more than just a shotgun; it’s a versatile tool that meets the needs of a wide range of users. Whether for home defense, professional use, or recreational shooting, its reliability, and adaptability make it an excellent choice.