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An operator-grade Holographic Weapon Sight built for close-quarter engagements with fast-moving targets, our Model EXPS3TM HWS® delivers two eyes open shooting

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EXPS2 Features:

An operator-grade Holographic Weapon Sight built for close-quarter engagements with fast-moving targets, our Model EXPS3TM HWS® delivers two eyes open shooting,  The EOTech EXPS2 offers true 2-eyes-open shooting and provides an unparalleled targeting experience. The increased height of the eotech exps2 0 holographic sight provides iron sight co-witness access in the lower third of the viewing window. It features easily adjustable side buttons and a quick-detach lever (fits both 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rail). It has a transversely-mounted lithium 123 battery which operates for 600 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temp. The 20 brightness settings and a scrolling feature. The EXPS reticle has a 68 MOA circle with a 1 MOA dot.

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bulk ammo ma is the sole retailer of this one-of-a-kind holosight design, which is featured on the EOTech OPMOD Holographic Weapon Sights. We are ecstatic to announce the release of two unique holo sights, which will be sold under the OPMOD (OpticsPlanet MODification) label.


These sights were developed in collaboration with EOTech. The EOTech OPMOD Holographic Sights with MOA Dot are the result of a collaboration between our customers, who include members of the military, law enforcement, and people who enjoy shooting sports, and the world-class expertise of the L3 EOTech Engineering and Marketing Teams.

The holographic gun sights that you see here have been fine-tuned to meet the most stringent of performance requirements. Because we are also end-users, we have first-hand experience with the stresses and strains that the equipment used for firearm sighting must endure on a daily basis. The OPMOD Limited Edition Holosights achieve the highest possible levels of functionality, ergonomics, and dependability under any circumstance. image

The EOTech EXPS2 Water Resistant Sight features an instinctive two-eyes-open shooting mode, a transversely mounted 123 battery, and a 7mm raised base that provides a lower 1/3 co-witness with iron sights. Additionally, this sight is resistant to water and dust. The OPMOD EXSPS-2 L3 Eotech red dot scopes (the “EXPS” in the model name stands for “Extreme-XPS HWS”) come equipped with side buttons that are simple to reach and a single quick release throw lever that enables the attachment and detachment of the scope in an instant.

OPMOD EXPS-2 sights are more compact than Eotech N-cell battery red dot sights like the EOTech 550 Holosight, which is one of their most popular models. These sights are comparable to EOTech XPS-2 red dot sights. When compared to the 4 inch N battery sights, the OPMOD red dot sight has a shortened base that only requires a maximum of 2 3/4 inches of rail space.

This is in contrast to the 4 inches required by the N battery sights. The L3 Eotech OPMOD EXPS-2 Sight has two reticle options: 0 – a 68MOA circle with 1 MOA aiming dot (EXPS 2-0 OPMOD sight), and 2 – a 68MOA circle with two 1MOA aiming dots. Both of these reticle options are available to the user (EXPS 2-2 OPMOD sight).

how to turn off eotech exps2

As is the case with all Eotech holographic sights, the EOTech EXPS2 Red Dot Sight with Shatter Resistant Laminate is built to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the military and the law enforcement community. These specifications require that the sight be shockproof, waterproof, and able to easily manage the most challenging of operational scenarios. In addition to the hard carrying case, the OPMOD EOTech EXPS 2 Red Dot Sights come with a CR123 battery already installed.

EOTech EXPS2 Specifications

  • Model: EXPS2
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Proofs: Water Resistant / Fog Proof
  • Reticle: 68 MOA Ring / Red Dot
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Dot Size: 1 MOA
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Length: 3.80″
  • Mount Type: Picatinny / Weaver
  • Weight: 11.20 oz

Features of L3 Eotech OPMOD Red Dot Sights EXPS2:

  • Single transverse CR123 battery to reduce sight length.
  • Short base only requires 2 3/4 inch of rail space compared to the 4 inch N battery sights.
  • Battery cap and latch are eliminated and replaced with a simple O-ring and tethered cap that achieves a better watertight seal.
  • Battery compartment is now separated from the base to allow it to cantilever over the delta ring of AR-15 type rifles.
  • Average battery life at brightness level 12 is roughly 500-600 hours, 3X the battery life of N cell sights.
  • Two reticle options: The EXPS2-0 has a 68MOA circle with 1 MOA aiming dot, and the EXPS2-2 has a 68MOA circle with two 1MOA aiming dots for trajectory compensation.
  • Side buttons with a single quick detach throw lever to fit Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail.
  • Submersible to 33 feet.
  • EOTech 2 Year Warranty

Package Contents:

  • OPMOD Eotech EXPS-2 Holographic Red Dot Sight
  • (1) CR123 Battery
  • Hard Carrying Case